Reticare Blue Light Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Version 4


Screen measures 8.54"W X 5.35"H (Compatible with other tablets with same screen size)

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Don't put your eyes in jeopardy when you are in front of your screens!

Reticare is based on 18+ years of research in collaboration with the University of Complutense, Madrid. Proven in-vitro and in-vivo laboratory experiments with Reticare show reductions in retinal cell death. Years of experience and the expertise, as the first and the original pioneer in eye protection, you can trust the science behind Reticare and expect the real protection your eyes deserve.

Reticare can also reduce eye strain, dry eyes, red/blurry/itchy eyes and sleep disruptions.  Don't delay in maintaining the health of your eyes before things can become a serious issue. It is necessary to protect your eyes for a better future, especially because sometimes the consequences are not reversible. That is why we recommend that all users must protect their eyes, including children and young adults.

Use Reticare on your screens, the only scientifically proven eye protection in the world. Your vision is vital, every moment counts.

  • Scrolls beautifully (100% touch sensitive)
  • Will not change the appearance of your device.



The use of blocking components of the blue short-wave length of the light emitted by LED sources:

  • Protects the retina adequately, the cornea and the crystalline lens from the harmfull effects of the short-wave length of blue light
  • Reduces visual fatigue and sleep disorders produced by LED sources
  • Improves comfort and visual function

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