Light from device screens… Real threat for workers

Recent studies show 86 percent of employees work in positions that require sitting at a desk, looking at their computers for most of the day.

It’s time to start implementing initiatives to keep your organization and your employees safe at your workplace.

Nowadays, working at a job in front of computers have serious risks that need attention. There are no options to avoid sitting in front of screens or reducing exposure time of light from screens as it is neither a matter of choice nor a realistic approach for most digital workers.

Reticare® responds with resolutions to this need in order to make a real change and adapt work spaces into the digital era. There is an urgent need for protection from harmful light to be able to enjoy the benefits of technology without risking health.

In an environment where the sustainable use of technology is increasingly seen as a symbol of innovation and modernism, Reticare® protection is the essential solution to face the risks of the digital age.


It is essential to reduce the risks, harmful to the establishment of a healthy work environment.

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