Screen lights generate headaches, eye strain, eye pain, photophobia, dry eyes and kill Retina cells.

Reticare is made as a result of amazing studies, first time in history, that demonstrate the reason why your eyes are in danger when looking at screens.

Select the Reticare products for your screens, add to your cart and start enjoying the difference with Reticare

Key symptoms and effects related with screen lights:


- Eye strain and fatigue

- Photophobia, itchy and blurred vision

- Dry and tearing eyes

- Headaches and migraines

- Sleep disruptions and insomnia

- Increased craving for sugar and possible weight gain

- Skin aging and blemishes

- Premature cataracts and retina damage

How does Reticare improve lives?

Reticare is growing constantly, over half a million satisfied and protected users exist in more than 30 countries.

The leader in blue light protection based on 18+ years of research.

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