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Join the new trend of technology

For many distributors, the fact that device screens present risk factors for eye damage could be a problem in sales. However, there is a great business opportunity distributors can look for with benefits such as:

1. Utilizing your clients by taking care of your health and that of your employees.

2. Joining the sustainable stream of technology use.

3.Upselling to your customers.

4. Increasing your Sales Margin.

Reticare turns a serious problem into a great opportunity

The high exposure to screens is creating a serious health problem for all users. Symptoms such as headache, itchy eyes or blurred vision affect us and our efficiency at work every day. Most users, approximately 90%, are aware of these problems. However, not many know that the biggest problem is actually the risk of retinal damage that could affect screen users permanently.

Being the first in this field, Reticare demonstrates a thorough knowledge of this lurking technological reality and offers Reticare solutions to its clients.

Envision the prospect of every screen you have sold sold within the within the past year, you have added an eye protector that will benefit your customer’s health…


the opportunities and gains are limitless! Plus, consider that all your customers will be coming back for more as they continue to upgrade or purchase new devices.

Reticare is the worldwide leader in eye protection against high-energy light emitted from screen displays to prevent significant risks to your vision. 350,000 people already use the only eye protector endorsed by the scientific community.

Reticare is based in Madrid and has offices in the US based in Tampa, Florida including an additional team of professionals in Cambridge Massachusetts and San José – California.

Reticare is not just another product.

``Glad to have found Reticare, I recommend to all my friends and family.`` Asia, Host of the Best of CES on FOX Business

``There are computers I can use now that I could never use before. It's like magic.``DailyMail Reporter, Jake Wallis Simons

“Thank you for this wonderful product. Forever grateful!!” Cami Gibertini, USAMERIBANK Senior Vice President

“Now that I have Reticare, I sleep much better!” Paul Rothstein, Director

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